Specializing in Raising Black Angus Bulls

Timberland Ranch | Dry Creek, Lousiana

For several years now, Timberland Ranch has been the home of the best Black Angus cattle in Louisiana. Spanning over 740 acres, Timberland Ranch has the space, the expertise, and the dedicated staff to raise top of the line bulls and heifers for the beef cattle industry. Running a successful farm takes many talents, including agronomy, animal science, genetics, and finance. Timberland Ranch excels at combining those skills each and every day.

Exceeding Industry Standards

As part of the American Angus Association, Timberland Ranch strictly follows industry standards for breeding and raising Black Angus cattle with the absolute best genetics possible.

  • “To provide programs, services, technology and leadership to enhance the genetics of the Angus breed, broaden its influence within the beef industry, and expand the market for superior tasting, high-quality Angus beef worldwide.” —mission of the American Angus Association

Proper animal handling and care is a priority for the livestock industry, and it's something Timberland Ranch takes seriously. All Ranch Managers and help are specifically trained in raising Black Angus cattle.

A Breed of Its Own

The Black Angus cattle bred and raised at Timberland Ranch in Dry Creek, Louisiana are different from other cattle because of the standards set forth and adhered to by the ranch. Not only does Timberland's cattle look more visually appealing on the farm, the difference can be tasted in the beef once produced. As the cattle industry expands and the demand for high quality, genetically sound Angus beef increases, Timberland Ranch will remain an industry leader and continue to provide top of the line Black Angus cattle.

If you are interested in touring our ranch, learning more about Black Angus cattle, or would like to purchase a bull or heifer, contact us today!

Timberland Ranch is a proud member of the American Angus Association (AAA). The goal of AAA is "to serve the beef cattle industry, and increase the production of consistent, high quality beef that will better satisfy consumers throughout the world."

Timberland Ranch is honored to work with McNeese State University's Agriculture Department to help students learn about Black Angus cattle. Students choosing a career path in agriculture are prepared for employment in the general agriculture industry.

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